Crp Serum Collection

MOUSE SERUM Serum Products

GWB-Q00006 GenWay Biotech 100 ml Ask for price

Crp Serum Laboratories manufactures the crp serum collection reagents distributed by Genprice. The Crp Serum Collection reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact CRP Serum. Other Crp products are available in stock. Specificity: Crp Category: Serum Group: Collection

Mouse Serum

Abbexa 5 L 10599.6 EUR

Mouse Serum

Abbexa 1 ml 2064 EUR

Porcine Serum

Abbexa 1 L 710.4 EUR

Rabbit Serum

Abbexa 100 ml 326.4 EUR

Rabbit Serum

Abbexa 500 ml 577.2 EUR

Rat Serum

Abbexa 10 ml 326.4 EUR

Sheep Serum

Abbexa 100 ml 410.4 EUR

Collection information


SK-125 IBI Scientific 25/PACK 438.9 EUR


SK-150 IBI Scientific 50/PACK 709.01 EUR

SafeQ Saliva Collection Kit

MDSQ00010100 AMSBIO 100 828 EUR

Oral Fluid Collection Device

670510 BioServUK 10 pcs 101 EUR
Description: Oral Fluid Collection Device

Embryo Collection Cage-Mini

59-105 Genesee Scientific 4 Cages/Unit 37.06 EUR
Description: Fits 35mm Petri Dishes

Embryo Collection Cage-Small

59-100 Genesee Scientific 4 Cages/Unit 48.5 EUR
Description: Fits 60mm Petri Dish

Embryo Collection Cage-Large

59-101 Genesee Scientific 4 Cages/Unit 84.44 EUR
Description: Fits 100mm Petri Dishes

Salivary Sample Collection Kit

55R-IB76305 Fitzgerald 500 tests 143 EUR
Description: Salivary sample collection kit for the detection of free Salivary proteins and enzymes in the research laboratory

Endotoxin Free Collection Tube

EA-001 Creative BioMart each 263.2 EUR

Salivary Sample Collection Set

MBS495186-500Tubes MyBiosource 500Tubes 245 EUR

Salivary Sample Collection Set

MBS495186-5x500Tubes MyBiosource 5x500Tubes 1120 EUR

2x GFX DNA Collection Device

ISGFX-02/02 Westburg each 43.6 EUR

12x GFX DNA Collection Device

ISGFX-02/12 Westburg each 213.64 EUR

50x GFX DNA Collection Device

ISGFX-02/50 Westburg each 763 EUR

GD Column WITH Collection Tube

GDB50 Geneaid Biotech each 17 EUR

GD Column WITH Collection Tube

GDB5K Geneaid Biotech each 1537 EUR

GS Column WITH Collection Tube

GSB50 Geneaid Biotech each 21 EUR